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If you have power in your unit, but lost power in an outlet or appliance please choose "Partial Outage".

Power Outages

Rest assured – we’re already on it.

For peace of mind, we provide customers with the option to submit an outage report, however, we are already aware of the outage and are working to resolve it. Our remote electric metering system immediately notifies us of power outages. This technology enables faster response time and repairs. We will coordinate with your property staff and email you updates regarding the outage and approximate restoration time.

If there is a safety hazard that could pose an immediate risk to the public, please contact AEP at 800-672-2231 (available 24 hours). Safety hazards include downed wires that may be sparking or near water, downed poles, or trees that have fallen on power lines.

In case of a power outage…

Determine if it is truly an outage.

Loss of power in part or all of your apartment may be due to a blown fuse or tripped breaker. Check your electric panel for any switches flipped to “off.” If you determine it is a blown fuse or tripped breaker, please contact your property management for assistance.

It is truly a power outage. What should I do next?

Check if the outage is only affecting your unit. If the outage is only affecting your unit, you can contact Red Energy Customer Support at (614) 902-3601, email, or complete our “Report An Outage” form. This is not necessary, however, as our meter system has already informed us of the outage and we are working to resolve it.

It is a community-wide outage.

Most power outages are the result of issues outside your community which will affect most or all of your community, and will be resolved by American Electric Power (AEP). Check AEP’s outage website to see if power is out in your surrounding area. AEP should provide information regarding the area impacted, possible cause, and a restoration time. Red Energy will also monitor the outage and issue updates to residents.